I just cannot get that sound on the intro to sunshine of your love....how?? If you look at a tab, its the 8th fret on the A string at first....how does clapton get it to sound like that?????? Someone tellme how?
Well, he used his SG... And Woman Tone.

You know, tone all the way off, lows and mids turned all the way down on the amp, highs all the way up.
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magic. he is god after all.
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I'm not sure, but you might be talking about the 2nd guitar that is playing the higher octave?
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Well for us mortals....I can get the bend there fine, but that is just weird, because ive never heard that type of vibrato on a note, in any song.....and yes


EDIT: Here is a live vid from there studio in 1968, not second guitar...should I just play it up an octave, but I still can t figure it out....the simplest of songs....the most difficult of styles.


EDIT #2: I played it an Octave up and it sounds perfect...got it....he didn't have to though...because he is god
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Wah in the the heel or toe position. I know it's one of the two, but I don't own a wah pedal.
when he does a finger vibrato he uses his whole wrist, not just his finger.i dunno if that will help or not
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^^ Yeah, well he does it funny... Depending on if he was wasted or not... he would usually put is thumb on the bottom of the neck and rock his wrist, I prefer to put my thumb on the top and rock the wrist, it's hard to explain but it sounds good
^^my dads friend saw clapton in the late 70s i guess it would be, and he was too wasted to even play lead guitar and halfway through he just walked off stage.
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Twist and Shout makes me violent.
Its fast vibrato with the full hand and not just quick bending of the string. The vibrato he uses is similar to those of other string instruments, such as the violin. Watch the video CreamisGod posted and try to get the gist of it.

By the way, Clapton is god so you won't sound just like him.