Where are these manufactured,quality,etc, i read a bit about them, after someone referred me to these, and I am really intrested in buying one of the ASAT Tributes, but if someone could fill me in on these, i would appreciate it.
I have the Tribute strat model. Very solid guitar, great neck, good finish work, pickups are just ok, I'd change them out, very good guitar. Mine could use a fret polish and dressing though...
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Apparently, they all need a proper set-up. Heard some bad stuff about the fret's and whatnot.
They are decent guitars and they try to be better than Fender, but Fender still pwns them. G&L don't seem to care very much about player/customer input. If you go on their website, they try very hard to discourage you from contacting them. Instead they relay you to independent fan forums. They try to be unique, yet they stick to milking the Strat and Tele designs. They pretend to value tradition, yet they deviate from essential design elements.

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