im pretty sure i got a great deal on this guitar. I was planning on spending about 700 dollars on a guitar. I went down to guitar center, looking for the Schecter c-7 Hellraiser (7-string), and they didnt have it. They handed me this, (also 7-string) and plugged me into a 65W crate amp. I played it for a few minutes and loved it. I looked at the price tag. It was used, 330 dollars. I asked him the original price, and he said about 700 dollars, but he wasnt positive. I was like 'wow, thats just my budget, and i can save half the price!'. It was discontinued in 2002, so i couldnt find a 'new' price for it, but i've seen a 600 dollar price. Not sure if it was used or not.

Anyway, this guitar has these thigns that im sure of:
-Alder body
-rosewood fretboard (im pretty sure)
-floyd rose locking tremolo system
-based on the other guitars, this one most likely has a 3-peice maple neck.
-Duncan Designed pickups

Any of you own/played one of these?
I cant wait to pick it up. Its on hold, just to make sure its the right one, but im getting it in a few days.

Oh, i've been playing for 2 and a half years. My current guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, still with all the original peices. When i save up $130 more, im buying the Seymour Duncan Hotrodded Pickups.

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