What's your favorite classic guitar Riff? Mine would have to be a tie between "Crossroads" by Eric Clapton and "Bark at The Moon" by Ozzy Osbourne. Two of the best riff's and solo's ever created. "Crossroads" has a bluesy rock sound while "Bark at The Moon" has a metal sound that will blow you out of the water. "Crossroads" and "Bark at The Moon" have two of the best guitar solo's ever created. "Crossroads" has two solo's while "Bark at The Moon" has only one, but "Crossraods" guitar is very well done and Eric Clapton really gets into it while "Bark at The Moon" has a solo that is absolutely fantastic and crazy. I recommend listening to both songs, they're fantastic!
crazy train al the way man
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My favorite guitar riff has to be Sunshine of your love
Favorite solo - White Room

Clapton just kicks some serious ass!
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crazy train al the way man

You're absolutely right! There is another song with a great riff and solo.
Riff? Hmm. There's lots, so I'll just pick one: "Cocaine". Both J.J. Cale's, and the multitude of Clapton versions. It can be hard and funky and just does a lot with two chords.

Same with the solo, but one that I love is on Dream I'll Never See by the Allman Brothers. Duane just does a great job with that solo.
I like the train whistle sound and the rhythm riff from "Train Kept a' Rollin'." Beck is lord.
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Personally I like the Riff out of Money because it's pretty original (being 7/4 timing) and cool cause I can play it.

favourite solo obviously Comfortably Numb ... enough said.
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the solo from highway star, and child in time on the made in japan cd, by deep purple!! those r gr8 solos !!
riff: baba o rly, new year's day, ziggy stardust, sultans of swing, free fallin'
solo: Time by floyd
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fav solo; Comfortably Numb... fav riff; more than a feeling: Boston

More than a feeling is way to overplayed down here to be enjoyed anymore.

Riffs: Crazy Train, Sweet Home Alabama, Farmhouse(Phish), Dazed and Confused, Eye of the Tiger

Solo: Free Bird, Comfortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2

Left alot out but thats what i would say.
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Fav riff: Moby Dick

Fav solo:War pigs second solo.
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Riff: "N.I.B." by Back Sabbath or "Godzilla" by BOC
Solo: "White Room" or "Crossroads" by Cream or "Dazed And Confused" by Zeppelin
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im gonna say riff: sweet child o mine cause i think its amazing how slash put tht togeter and solo:ummmmmmmm it between panteras cowboys from hell and kisses god of thunder.
riff i think sweet child o mine,

solo um... stairway to heaven probably
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Best video ever
one of favs is Deep Purple, smoke on the water, I love it!

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yall forgot an important one
its a long way to the top-acdc man
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Riff: Hotel California - Eagles
Solo: YYZ - Rush
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Riff: Long Way to the Top ; Smoke on the Water; Sweet Child O' Mine

Solo: Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
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Riff: Long Way to the Top ; Smoke on the Water; Sweet Child O' Mine

Solo: Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson

Hate to break it to you but neither GN'R oor Eric Johnson are CR. I do like Johnson though.
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Riff: It's a Long Way to the Top; Iron Man

Solo: Stairway to Heaven

Solo (or lack there of)
The Seeker
Magic Bus (Live)
Young Man Blues (Live)
Drowned (with the piano, bass, and guitar)
I'm One (the little diddy in the begining and the fills)

The Seeker
Amazing Journey/Sparks
Bell Boy
Magic Bus (both live and studio)
Shakin All Over (Live)
Batman (lol)


Mother - Pink Floyd
Crossroads - Cream
Wish You Were Here - Pink FLoyd (both solos)
Gypsy Eyes - Jimi Henrix Experience (I love all the palm muting. love the strong bass drum beat)
L.A. Woman - The Doors
Octopus's Garden - The Beatles (I still want to marry this song, sorry, crazynickman)

Spirit of the Radio - Rush
Free Falling - Tom Petty
Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty
Fearless - Pink Floyd
The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
Ghost Song - The Doors
Tangled up in Blue - Bob Dylan
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