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I recently downloaded a couple songs from these guys. Not sure exactly what to think of it. Its weird as fuck. Thoughts? Comments? Opinions on these guys? Anyway, linkage:
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I heard some of their music a few weeks ago and I creamed myself. Eh, and I also like the vocalist.
They're a fantastic band. Rephormula is a kill album. I'm not much into Painter's Palette, but they definately are an original band.
Awesome band. Unlike others, I think the vocals are perfect for the band. You couldn't have just a standard growl with what they do... wouldn't sound right.
Thank you so much for making this thread.

Ephel Duath is amazing.
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ephel duath is amazing. I love avant-garde metal and **** and their blend of jazz and hardcore and metal is amazing

The only word needed to describe Ephel Duath.
i've only heard their old stuff when they were a two man band a long time ago, it was good stuff, i've always wanted to check out their stuff after that when he started getting jazz musicians in the band, but i've never gotten around to it
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I've been meaning to get into these guys but I can't find their stuff anywhere. I'm more interested in their jazzy stuff, is it any good?
does any one have both phormula and rephormula?
is there any difference other than the bonus tracks?
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I saw these guys live about a month ago, really good, not a mosh-type show but really great to stand and appreciate. I think The Painter's Palette and Pain Necessary to Know are brilliant, haven't heard anything before that mind.

Great musicians too.
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Amazing band.
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I have "The Painter's Pallete". It can only be described as "weird jazz metal". It's fun to listen to, but if you're a hardcore metalhead looking for black metal then don't even bother with it.
I have both TPP and Rephormula. Great stuff.

Check out Alarum if you like these guys.
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I picked up The Painter's Palette a few years ago as a blind buy. I enjoy it, though I haven't listened to it in well over a year. I actually forgot that I had the album until now

I haven't heard anything else from them yet.
Ephel Duath are one of my favourite bands now, I have Rephormula, The Painter's Pallette and just got Pain Necessary To Know. The latter two are absolutely incredible in terms of musicianship, they are actually beyond words. Rephormula is pretty impressive as well, seeing as I'm not usually a fan of black metal. I think some people are a bit baffled by the seemingly sporadic nature of their songs though, especially apparently in PNTK.

Anyway, buy their albums, you'll be impressed.
I got Rephormula a while back and have listened to it every day since. Truly a great band, quickily climbing on my list of favorites. Gotta order another CD from em as soon as I get some more cash.
I usually hate 'core' vocals but I absolutely love this guy.
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Amazing stuff, definitely worth a listen even if you don't like jazz or jazz-influenced music.

pretty enjoyable
I just recently got into them, they're pretty sweet. I love "The Embossed", sick song.
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Awesome band though I'm not quite a fan of their screamed vocals. The Painter's Palette is a very good album though.
Okay, So I'm just now hearing the Pains of Remixes, and I gotta say, I dig.
Also, I've pretty much loved the painter's palette, but I hear people say "Pains..." wasn't to good. So I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get it? From the few songs I've heard it sounds great, but I noticed the singer (clean) isn't on it. Does this take away a lot?
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They are awesome, didn't know they would be allowed in here.

I've been trying to find tabs for ages with not much luck.

Yeah, there on the recommendations thing or whatever under oddities or something like that. I think tabs for these guys might be damn near impossible, as human hands would slowly wither from Davide's insane skills.
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I've got Rephormula, Painter's Palette, and Pain Necessary to Know, all great cd's these guys are really inventive Jazz Metal stuff, gotta love it.
Quote by Ephel Duath

Hey guys,

we thought you'd like to know the following:

ED will enter Outer Sound Studios in Rome on July 14 to complete their new effort, "Through my Dog's Eyes".

The drums have already been recorded by Marco Minnemann at Home-Base Seacoast Studio in Imperial Beach, California.

While the producer is Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Klimt 1918), the mastering will be done in Finnish Finnvox Studios (HIM, Nightwish).

Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Isis, Sunno)))) will take care of the artwork.

"Through my Dog's Eyes" will be released in the fall on Earache Records.

The official tracklist is as follows:

1 Gift
2 Promenade
3 Breed
4 Silent Door
5 Bella Morte
6 Nina
7 Guardian
8 Spider Shaped Leaves
9 Bark Loud
And you can't spell funeral
without fun
hope you had a good time
cuz now your life is done
Sweet, I'll have to check out this. Good band.

They seem to be getting progressively weirder. "Through my Dog's Eyes"? I hope it's a concept album.
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Do you folks like folk?
I cannot get enough of this band. They are crazy and weird in a good way.

Anybody know some bands similar to them?
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I cannot get enough of this band. They are crazy and weird in a good way.

Anybody know some bands similar to them?

Eh, let's see...

These bands are weird, not really the same style though:

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Blotted Science
Spastic Ink
Behold... the Arctopus

That's all I can think of right now.
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