I'm looking for a new amp and need some suggestions. I'm looking for about 30W and I don't want to spend too much. I played the 30W Marshall MG, but a bunch of people told me that I shouldn't get it and I wasn't too impressed by it. I'm playing through a Gibson Faded SG Special and looking for a good blues sound
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ok, im gonna save you 55 people later of bitching. you are in the wrong forum, last time i checked, a new amp was not a kind of electric guitar. then and only then will people take you seriously about your post, sorry. but anyways, who gives a sheit what people think, if u want an amp, go get it, its only your money your wasting if it sux
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Look at vox valvetronix. The tweed and blackface amp models are excellent, and it is a hybrid to boot.
And hey, shadowsoldier, regardless of what forum it's posted in, I think the title "new amp" alerts people to the subject of the thread.
Sorry, shadowsoldier, misread your post. I thought you were being a jerk. Direct the above post to those who were preempted by your post.
I already re-posted it in gear and accessories, so don't tell me that it's in the wrong forum anymore.
Pero la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita,
I thought people always posted about amps and guitar effects in electric forum...
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get the vox ad30vt, its a hybrid tube/solidstate with 11 amp models and 11 or so effects i just got one a few days ago and love it
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you could get a peavey classic 30 their like 500
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