Does anyone know how much Guitar Center gives you when you trade things in? I've been trying to sell a Marshall MG50 with NO luck, and I figured I could try GC.

...Yeah. I know.

But anyway, does anyone know about how much they'd give me for one? Thanks.

Oh, and do they only give store credit? I'd look on their website, but you know, I'm too lazy. Thanks again, guys.
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I don't know if they give you cash or store credit, but I know the'll probably give you(if it's in good condition) 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of a new one. Unless they try to gyp you, in which case, haggle like a bastard.
It is usually only 40% of what they think they can sell it for. I got 40 bucks for my mg30, which would sell used for about 100.
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don't go to GC, they give like a third of what it might be worth now. then again this was when I was trading in a guitar. and they were telling me this whole story of how they fix things up and resell them and they charge less cause they need the money that would normally give you, towards fixing whatever they your giving them. like i said this was with a guitar, i don;t know if they would fix up your amp and resell it but if thats the case, screw if and go with ebay
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they'll usually give you a better deal if you're trading it in for something else, granted not a great deal.

Also, just as an FYI, they don't count the hardcase when you trade it in, they'll give you the same price with case or withouth it. When my friend traded in his JEM, he was asking about the hardcase, and they told him the case was only worth a penny traded in with the guitar. He sold it to me for $20.
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It's true, you do get slightly better trade in value if you trade your item for store credit or equivalent. They get kinda stingy with cash haha. Also, you won't find much information online or even by calling. They will just tell you to bring the item in and they'll see what they can do. Also, if you or a close friend of yours has a GC account set up, where it shows how often and how much you've spent there, you can use that to your advantage. My friend asked me to buy him guitar stuff a few times. When they asked me for my name and address I gave my name instead of his so now it seems like I've spent nearly 2k there. Now if I ever buy anything from GC again I can use that to my advantage (I might get sale tax knocked off in addition to anything else I can haggle down!).
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