yo, now that i got the idea of wut amp im gonna get, 6505 peavey's, i need a new guitar. for one, mine now is getting worn down really really quick, and i would like just a whole new hefty peice of axe. i got a schecter omen6 and want to stick with schecter, so ive been thinkin about gettin a hellraiser, but i dunno what model to get, i aint gettin the 7string so that narrows it down to the c-1, avenger, and c-1 FR. the emgs are gonna rock ass, but im still not clear on what the difference is besides the body, if any. so wuts do i do now?
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Yo, First, you go back to school and learn how to write, because you're terrible.

Second, there is no difference besides the fact that the FR has a trem. Do you want a trem or not?
^ i agree

also look at esp, jackson, and ibanez
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well he said he wants the schecter, thats fine i guess, he just needs to decide what type of bridge he wants.

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