i always have trouble figuring out the best way to position my fingers to get the best sound out of a chord...can anyone help? im especially having problems with ones like the F chord ( 1 3 3 2 1 1 ) or Bm ( x 2 4 4 3 2 )where i think i have to use my pointer finger to cover the whole fret board top to bottom in order get both E/e strings. does anyone have any advice how to make this easier/ sound better or any excercises to do? thanks!
Just practice. Your fingers will get stronger over time and you'll be able to do those chords easy.
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just bar an E. Finger all the way across. that way you can strum the whole thing including the low string.
yeah def. practice when i began i had trouble playing the F chord too, just like i said keep practicing itll come to you
(xx3211) Is a nice alternative for not being used to barring, but you will want to bar the two '1's with your pointer fingure. And really just keep trying at pushing down the strings, and also make sure youre string gauge isn't to thick for you.
Yea my F has never sounded how I would like it to either.
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um.. it only really gets easier with practice dude... sounds like lame advice but thats all good guitar playing is.... it sucks, but all you need to do is practice... as far as technique goes, keep your thumb behind the neck roughly in the middle, with using your pointer finger to bar all of one fret your thumb and pointer should almost be identicle in position on the opposite sides, this should give more strength to the pointer's grasp, rotate your pointer so it's slightly on it's side too considering theres less cushiony meat under the side. I personally only bar the bottom 2 strings with my pointer and use my thumb for the top fret MOST of the time, but that'll again come with practice if you want to be able to do that.
dont worry about it, a lot of people have trouble with barre chords at the beginning, just keep trying, there really is no 'quick fix' just keep going at it.
I also had this problem but the thing that helped me was a song called ''Octopus'' (by Syd Barret) it uses only barre chord and some weird chords that will help you with fingering.
I just wanned to learn to play the song so i forced my self to practice. I didnt even notice how i learned to play barre chords.
Oh by the way i find it easier to play them with the finger streched up to te ceiling a bit.
Yeah, my F chords sounded awful when I started, too. Just practice. I didn't change anything about the way I fingered them and just played them over and over.
Yeah, that F is a bastard... I remember it well.

Play with your thumb on the low E, like that other guy said. Hendrix did it, so does John Frusciante from RHCP and Matt Bellamy from Muse. And me, but I don't suppose that'll make you wanna use it especially
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Can't really say much else besides practice. Barre chords can be hard for beginners, especially those with short, or weak fingers. Once you get the strength in your fingers up, barre chords will be much easier. But if you need to use that chord, then try variations of it. Another way to do the F chord is

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ya i dont even do the bottom strings

just do it. ( 1 3 3 X X X )

That would be a different chord, F5 rather than F(maj), you prat!

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Feel free to ignore my ranting.

Member of the Self-Taught Club.

A recent study shows that 8% of teenagers listen to nothing but music with guitars in it. Put this in your sig if you're one of the 92% who isn't a close-minded moron.
Go ahead and learn the barre chords, man. Once you learn that F major barre chord, all others will become much easier. Barre chords are like tying my shoes now, and they will be for you too, with practice.

If you really feel you're not ready for barre chords, then use that alternate fingering that several people have provided for you. I do not recommend it, however. I actually find it more difficult than the barre form - something you'll notice as you become more and more skilled with the barre chords. In my opinion, an open C major chord is more difficult than any barre chord shape. But I, and zillions of other guitarists make the shape quickly and easily not because it's naturally an easy chord, but because we've practiced it thousands of times.

As a side not, you can easily practice barre chords using progressions from songs that are normally played with open chords. Just find voicings for chords that use barred shapes That will whip your fretting hand into shape!