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hell yeah...just answer the qns...i just need to round up people and ask stuff...coz got it free

mind speaking english?
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i mean...answer the title...and i WAS speaking english..maybe i just phrased it wrongly...haha...i wanna ask...do you guys know of guitars from J&D Brothers?
ive nvr even heard of the brand
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Ive heard of em.. they have quite a bit of em in one of the shops I usually go to.. They are basically made-in-chine LP, SG and Strat copies (of what Ive seen).. Ive had one in my hands for a while (an LP) and it surely didnt look too bad for a copy I must say..
My old lead guitarist had a Jack and Danny's les paul, looked awesome, apparantly it played nice as well.
You in Australia?
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