hey everyone

im not sure if this is the rite area for this so im sorry if it is.

i sing in a band thats prety new, we just got togetha to compete in a national (i live in new zealand) competition called rockquest. anyway, we are performing at a music extravaganza at skool in bout 8 weeks and we want to do a cover. i sing in a choir (lol dnt laugh) so i no how to sing. i sing bass which is the lowest part so my voical range is a little lower than most pf the popular music out there today. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on some songs, or some artists that may be appropriate for me. just as an example, wonderwall by oasis i have done, but that was prety much as high as i could go. we have thrort about wet sands by the red hot chillis, but thats just a lil bit to high to be comfortable,

any help would be greatly appreciated.
try to do a song everybody knows or is catchy. Try something buy Arctic Monkeys i know most people here probably hate them but there songs are catchy and fun to play. At least listen to The View from the Afternoon if you can pull that off it would be unreal.
hey phizzle thanks for ur input. ill have a listen to that and c wat i can do. cheers
hey phizzle
i had a listen to that song and sum of their other stuff but its not really my style and again its too high, dam me and my manly voice haha . i no its real hard to suggest for someone else, but does neone have any other ideas?

Ok fair enough so your more into the Trapt type music by your name? I still think if you want to win a contest like that and don't have a mind blowing guitarist you have to go for a more main-stream aproach. If you can sing chilli peppers try one of their big hits like By the way or Scar tissue but you need to pull it off well. Metallica comes to mind but that can take ages to learn one of their better songs and needs to be once again done properly. Try alive by Pearl Jam his voice is high but can be easily done with a low pitch and sound incredible. Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm has a low as voice but its like slow non rock although its a great song. Give me some more input on how your voice is and what style you are going to do.
Fretboardtoash who is BLS? sorry lol

haha phizzle yeh my name is kinda random. i do like trapt but it wasnt actually because of that lol. umm about my voice its not a deep bass voice as such, its just that i cant got that high, but i do prefer to sing in the middle to top of my range. i sung tenor until not long ago so i am able to sing in pitch at higher notes. like i said, wonderwall is pretty much perfect bt we have already done that. i like most music but the rest of the band mostly enjoys the likes of the chillis and tool so i guess you could say alternative?

thanks for all ur help and any mopre would be great!!
Most Rolling Stones is reasonably low, imo. Hendrix isn't too bad either.

As for modern stuff.... hmm. Grunge has a lot of high singers like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. Eddie Vedder's voice (Pearl Jam) is a little deceptive, sometimes he hits notes that are out of a lot of bass's range, even though they don't sound that hard to reach. Betterman is probably doable, though. Even Cobain on Smells Like Teen Spirit hits a few notes in the chorus that are tricky for a low voice to hit.

Red Hot Chili Peppers usually don't go too high, their stuff isn't that bad. Look through their songs and try to sing along with a few.
You could try out elderly woman by pearl jam. I dont know if its ur style of music but its a good catchy song, easy to play, and a relativly low voice throughout
Do you like blues ?
Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Voughn
most of their songs have low voice..
Deep vocals? Go for HIM. I may get dismissed for being 'teenie' or something for saying this, but if you've got a deep vocal range, do some HIM.
hey everyone thanks for all ur input. ill have a look at wat uve suggested. thanks heaps