hey i got this problem i have downloaded a drum backing track but its only 5 seconds long so how am i meant to play it over and over again and put me playing over it?
If you have something like limeware or a file sharing program i suggest you get a program called "cool edit pro. 2", it's been outdated but you can still get installatin files floating around. It's good cause it's simple. it's a great program for editing music tracks and you'll be able to "cut and paste" the drum beat continuously on that. Also makes an excellent recording tool.
I dont know if this will work but you might be able to open the track in windows media player then right-click the bar at the botton( the one that shows how far in the song you are) then go to "play"and make sure repeat is checked. I've never tried it but its worth a shot!
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friend of the end i dont believe their is a repeat ... plus it would enter blank space in between. what you can do it open it in audacity. highlighting copying and just repeated pasting it for as long as you want. then you can record over it easier with that program and all.
Try the PC Drummer demo software for some loops to jam along with. It's not great and only a 30 day trial, but has several pre-configured beats and the ability to create your own.


Unfortunately, there's not a lot of cool drum simulators for PC without dropping some dollars.