I Picked up five new albums in the past week here they are and my initial impressions.

Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites - Simply brilliant, I've listened to this album the most out of the five, it's gotten around 40 play throughs since I've gotten it, and it's an hour long so yeah. The album is basically one huge long song, or more importantly, there are no silent transitions, each track goes into the next, it's genius and makes for a seamless experience. The best album of the year so far, it's really freakin' amazing, I can not stress enough to pick this up. Simply brilliant.

Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country - This album is my 2nd favorite of the 5, it's really catchy and light hearted, it reminds of a toned down Ditty Bops. It's really got a beautiful 1950's southern feel, but it still feels modern, it's really great, the vocals are cute and endearing and the organ is a nice mixture. Pick this up too, it's a great pop album and the lyrics are impetuous and catchy.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Self-Titled - Decided to pick this up after much deliberation, it was highly acclaimed last year, and I decided to give them a go. To be perfectly honest, meh. Not too happy about my purchase, but maybe it'll sink in.

Calexico - Garden Ruin - Mediocre Iron & Wine rip-off? Yeah sure, why not. It's not too shabby, but it feels like Sam Bean could have written this stuff with his ass cheeks, it feels quickly put together and there's little emotional drag to it.

Kind of Like Spitting - One Hundred Dollar Room - It takes KolS's stuff to sink in for me, their first album is in my top 10 favorite of all time, but so far nothing they've done has reached that point of absolute greatness for me, hopefully after I give this a few dozen listens it'll sink in.

Give me your thoughts if you've gotten these, and tell me what you think!
I haven't got the first two, although I'm kind of expecting the Camera Obscura one on Friday (Mew I'll avoid with my life - sorry).
I completely agree with you on the CYHSY album, I thought it was such a waste of money. Well, not a complete waste of money, but the amount everywhere went on about it I thought it'd be decent at the very least. Didn't think it was very good.

Calexico aren't I&W rip-offs. Their albums do always fall slightly short though.

That KoLS album isn't his finest work it has to be said, and I'm not entirely sure why Hush decided to re-release it. Nothing was changed or added to the disc/packaging, so it's a bit confusing. Best tracks from it are 'Yes, you're busted', 'Pick a town, find a box, live alone' and 'Sex ruins everything'. The cover of 'Little time bomb' is decent, but not a song to end the album (in my opinion). His newer releases have definately improved upon '$100 room'.
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i wouldnt bother with camera obscura unless you have all the better b&s albums. cyhsy is a hype band, i'll buy you a case of cheap domestic beer if anyone is talking about them in 10 years. i haven't bothered with the others.
Ahh come on, Mew is genius, what's wrong with them? Hahaha, it's so grand and epic.

I'm glad everyone isn't tearing my apart for not liking CYHSY.

I think B&S is a little different from Camera Obscura, if you went with that logic, you'd only buy one album from each genre, since technically no other band can match that greatness.

It's a tad differrent and it's a tad refreshing :]
What's Camera Obscura like, sound or comparission wise?

There's a CD of them in my brother's room that I was going to listen to but didn't.

Is it worth it?