I've always avoided using 9v batteries to run pedals in the past, preferring to pay a one-off $15 for an AC adapter than having to go out an buy batteries. I am thinking of buying a used vox wah that doesn't come with the option of a power supply. I was just wondering how many hours I could expect to get out of each 9v battery assuming I was using long life batteries and not cheapo ones, for the wah and also just running distortion pedals (single stomp box). I would think the distortion would run out of battery faster, just wanting to know what sort of life I could expect for those two types of pedals.
i know the vox wah will last for ages on a battery, mine has had the same battery since last september and its been used 2-3 times a week for about 3 hours a session........so they last quite a long time, plus it isnt a hard mod to put in a 9v power supply in the wah anyway
crybabys last for ages..delay pedals last hours!. if you leave the leads in a wah pedal it will run the battery down
pick up a 1spot adapter to power all ur pedals.
they even have kits where u can swap out the plug for a 9volt clip head. with it, u can power that vox wah too.

because if u accidentally leave the guitar cable in ur pedal ull kill the battery.

this way is much cheaper in the end.

here's the power...

this chains them all together...

let me find a 9 volt adapter head...
if u look at the close up ull see this power suppliy comes with the 9 volt adapter.
(but ive seen them sold separately...

and i know u didnt ask for this, but check this out. its a portable board, powers ur pedals including the 9volt. and is pretty sturdy.

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