I'm a pretty new bassist, been going for about 3 months at the most. I have a GSR200, and an Ibanez SW35 amp. Not the flashest gear, but I noticed a few weeks ago I had an effects send/return thinger on the back of the amp.

Now, I'm a mainly metal/rock player. In that genre, distortion and wah are used the most, I believe. My friend recommended a Dunlop Crybaby (bass), but I've read some funny reviews saying it's only good for funk. Would it work for metal?

For a distortion thing.. I have no clue. A combo effects unit for wah and distortion maybe? But I don't know if those even exist, let alone where to find one. As you can see, I need quite a bit of help. Could anybody recommend good effects units for a beginner, that are decently priced and probably last a while?

(also, this is a sexy second bass, I think..)
If i am totally honest with you, i would forget effects pedals for now, and concentrate on your playing. After 3 months you cant have any chops at all, so you should spend your time concentrating on getting better as a player. effects will distract you from what needs to be done - solid bass work.

If you insist on distracting yourself, however, i would say buy a Guv'nor or a Big Muff and use only Morley wahs as they kick the skinny arse off Cry Babys
im afraid i agree with applehead. Skills and techniques are way more important at the moment, and using effects etc will distract u and make u sound better than u probably are. Also, wen u start to get better ull hav a better idea of wat u really want effects-wise. Imo, effects shud only be there to enhance alreadly good playing.
yeah^ pretty early for you mate. ive been playing bass about 14 months now, and i dont feel im in the effects stage yet.
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I knew I'd probably replies like that, but you guys have a point. I am not so great at playing really cleanly at faster speeds, etc, but I'm working on it. The main reason I want a pedal is to mess around. I'm slowly forming a band with a few friends as well, and a few weird bass effects sparingly shoved into a few songs or solos would go down well, I think.

I'll make sure to go down to a music shop and try out the pedals Applehead recommended someday. I probably won't end up buying one (yay budget) but it's handy to know what I should get into later on.
Well I disagree with everyone! Get a multieffect pedal and just have fun, that's what it's all about at the end of the day. Don't buy a single effect pedal to begin with, buy a multi so that you can find what sounds good, then if there's one effect you use a lot think about buying it as a seperate pedal
A this moment you should indeed be concentrating more on technique, I agree with applehead on this one. I also agree with Yakult on the multi-FX pedal. If you don't know what you want, get one of these, they don't cost that much, and try out everything to know what you like. Then get all the stuff in single pedals.

I also dissagree with applehead. When fiddling around with effex, you might feel inspired to try new and harder stuff, and work on your skills to get a better sound.
The digitech multiFX have a headphone out or a balanced out to connect to your stereo... No need to use an amp when practicing.
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regular and power the only difference is string guages, and even then you personally won't notice the difference until you get a little more experience. i suggest the regulars. when you start getting a proper feel for it you'll know what strings you prefer. it took me a year before i settled on a preference (light bass boomers)

as for effects. kinda the same thing, any effects now would be a waste of money (unles u got lots to spare). i hate to approach it this way, but the way ur thinking is kinda backwards. you play metal, therefore you should buy metal gear? dont think so. develope ur style first, and pick equipment that suits your style after. again, i didtn buy my first effects pedal til a year after i started playing, when i knew what style i was going for.
and honestly, even in metal, aside from burton stuff, wahs and distortion still isn't used that often. a clean heavy tone more often than not is the best fit.

but if you absolutely had to... a digitech bp200, the metal case one. lots of stuff to mess around with. personally i only have an overdrive and a limiter/compressor and thats all i'll ever need.
Well, if I don't start buying different strings, how will I know what my preference is? Will using different effects not help me find a style? Hell, it might even encourage change, instead of playing the usual metal basslines I make (occasionally) and practice.

I agree I don't NEED an effects unit, but I really want to screw around with one. Just hearing stuff like NIB, all of DFA1979's songs, a few Tool songs, made me realise I could be really creative with the effects and make up some cool stuff.

For now, I'll just work on proper left hand techniques, increase the accuracy with fingers (I started with a pick, my hands are girly, but I'm back to fingers now) until I can save up the cash for a new bass and hardcase.
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Well I disagree with everyone! Get a multieffect pedal and just have fun, that's what it's all about at the end of the day. Don't buy a single effect pedal to begin with, buy a multi so that you can find what sounds good, then if there's one effect you use a lot think about buying it as a seperate pedal

Multi effects pedals are only worth it when you look at the top level range.

I agree with Applehead. If you've only been playing for 3months, hold off pedals for a little while longer. There's no point using a bass wah if you're bass playing isn't solid.
im gunna get my ass chewed off for this but i love the odb-3 pedal sooooo much but im not sure if it would be what you are looking for. u can go to a store n try it out if ya want.
I'd leave the pedals for now, a friend of mine bought a pedal when he first started and became completely obsessed and couldn't play without it really, needless to say, he didn't improve much, just played root note stuff with loads or crap thrown in from the effects. Sounded rubbish.
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