Check it out. Came up with a couple riffs yesterday. Finished it today. Now I need some criticism.
Please give constructive criticism Even if you hate this type of music, please just listen.
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I listened to your song, and I must say, the chorus was pretty catchy for some odd reason (and this coming from a guy who isn't a metal fan!). Now, I don't listen to many metal songs, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but is there a reason for all the single string notes (I'm not good at explaining this. I mean, like, not a lot of chords and stuff)? It sounds really good, but I find even a simple power chord can make it sound a little better. Of course, use of chords is all the musician's decision. Meaning, my constructive criticism is kind of useless. I don't listen to metal, so I can't really compare it to any known songs. So all I can really say is, overall, it's an excellent song. I was wondering if you could crit one of my two songs? They're both in the "Two Midis I Made" thread. If you could, that would be great. Keep up the good work!
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It certainly wasn't bad...although for the most part it didn't really stand out from the average metal song. I liked the part where you substituted the one beat for a rest...it had an interesting rhythmic feel to it.
it's real real meh. I'd up the BPM to like 220, then it's at least kind of interesting. but to tell the absolute truth, there's nothing there that really looped me in and made me want to hear more.
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The riffs are all great metalcore riffs. In powetab some of them sound boring but on a real guitar they sound great. It gets slightly repetetive at times, so i would recommend adding some lead lines to make it a bit more interesting. Great effort
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