Verse 1
All my friends've got girls,
All I've got is my guitar
I'll be home at 21
Without a job or a car
You can watch my life go by
For a nominal fee
I'd say that it's pathetic and
I'm sure that you'd agree

Bridge 1
I'm hanging on to my life
But it's leaving me behind

Verse 2
Well, I know that I'm a nerd
And I should really grow my hair
But no one knows my name
And I sure don't have a prayer

I'm socially inept, I don't know what to do
I hope you know that I don't understand you
Can't see a movie unless it's rated G
You could call me "different" to a certain degree
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I might sound like a complete A-hole but its pogressive criticism. First verse people could relate too until you got to this part.

For a nominal fee

You'd say that it's pathetic and

I may have to disagree

Kinda left me scratching my head. Well I tried strumming the chords and to me its just my opinion but try adding a D chord at the end of your lyrics or something. Even better an Am, since its not very happy sounding. It sounds good at the end of each line try it.
Javier Ponce
You know what?
You're right. What the hell was I going for there? *slaps self*
Dammit, I've got to stop liking Barenaked Ladies' happy sound.