I'm trying to learn chord progression. Pretty much in C because i'm not that bright .

If its C D E F G A B why do people keep telling me to try. C F G I, IV, V. I've tried it and its sounds fine but...I don't want to be stuck in one rythm pattern. Please give me tips on expanding on the key of C and using minors and other patterns.
Also why does C have not sharps or flats? Why do other keys?
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C does have a sharp (C#) but it doesnt have a C flat because C flat is B. That's all I can help you with.
hey..... ok ill try to help u out... In the scale of C major, the three major chords are
C major = C E G (notes)
F major = F A C
G major = G B D

the three minors that are used in C major scale are
Am = A C E
Dm = D F A
Em = E G B

now, the chord progression varies with the type of scale.... u have many types, so if u get familiar with those, then i guess you'll understand.... the internet is at ur disposal aint it..
To find out the chords in a key:

And this pretty much answers all your other questions (I say read this first):

People keep telling you to try C, F, G because F and G are a perfect fourth and perfect fifth from C, so it just sounds good and they harmonize well with C. I'm sure someone can answer this more thoroughly though. I think it's because between the three of them, you get all the notes in the key of C.
But I'm not a theory buff.
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The C Major scale has no sharps or flats because its the way the series of intervals / steps is.

The major scale chord progression goes like so: I ii iii IV V vi vii°
Major Minor Minor Major Major Minor Diminished.

Therefore, if you apply that to the key of C, you can use these chords:
C Major
D Minor
E Minor
F Major
G Major
A Minor
B Diminished.

You can use any of those chords and still be playing in C Major.
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