my new band... it was AALLL recorded, with my Fender '94 Mustang and a £60 Encorse P.Bass copy, through my pedal board, into a Marshall MG50DFX, into my sound-card - into fruity loops... Did all the drums in Fruity Loops

vocals - recorded on a shure £20 mic, a Behringer 24track mixer into PC, using some standard stereo speakers

lets hear what you think.
wow usually when i see someone post a band up here theyre not too great but this really blew me away. very good recording quality and i like the effects on the vocals. i would definitely buy this EP and spread it around. my only criticism is that the vocals kinda sound the same between some of the songs (specially the first and second) but everything else is reallly good. excelent job
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Wow man, I hear a lot of Smiths in your sound, and I love it, it's really got potential, and for a bedroom demo it's one of the best Ive heard in terms of sheer quality of the songs and the recordings to say the least. Keep it up!
Hey thanks alot 'Silenced' please spread the word! and if you know of any Bass players interested in joining please send them our way, much appreciated.

I liked Now or Never! Very catchy, and the vocals are very good! Reminds me a little of the Barenaked Ladies! Guitar solo wasn't great, but otherwise, good quality stuff!
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