Hey i was wondering what does a half decent pa system cost brand new and second hand for just the power amp and the bass bins and tops i wanted to know for something of decentish quality it doesnt have to be mackie just somethin that doesnt sound really crap. i want somethin capable of filling a medium sized venue of maby three hundred people without being pushed to the max if you could possibly give me some options and costs thanks
Well my church recently got a whole new pa system. It includeed the mixing desk and all the speakers. It cost £30,000. Although that has to cater for about 600 people. If the space were filled with standing people it would be around 1500 people. That might give you some idea, but it seems i was less useful than i thought i could have been.
i donno i wouldnt be spendin 30 thousand on one im just gettin into doin pa live and my current set up just isnt loud enough im usin the behringer power mixer it puts out 400 watts a side into two 500 watt stage lines im lookin an upgrade from that really
we have one which cost us about £800 for the whole thing, not a huge poweramp and the mixer is only small but we regularly do gigs of 250 people. Best idea is to try to pick up something second hand.
We're using the Glastonbury PA from last year for a skate festival soon, so I can try to find out how much that cost?