Hey all

I got my first ever acoustic guitar at christmas and have only JUST got round to playing due to college work ( )

anyways...was just wondering, where do i start lol. I really want to be a decent guitar player and wondered if anyone knows any good websites that could help me understand chords, etc. Also, where should i begin, i dont want to start too hard you see.

Many thanks
if you want to learn your on a good site for that already. Check out lessons. Just learn the basic chords first and practice chord sequences
I think it's best to take it string-by-string, then learn chords. You can buy a book for around 15-20$ and that would do alot of good. Starting with an acoustic is good, too, as it will get your fingers adjusted much faster (although more painfully at first) and later on, you'll never be afraid to pick up an acoustic and play.
Yes, i've just started as well and i dont know much but i've started with learning the chords. A musician told advised me to start off with this and to eventually move to the single notes. There is a thread on this site with all of the beginners songs that you can try playing to start you off with. This is what helped me.
thanks for the help, thats great.

I'll probably try and pick up a decent book that will help me sometime, by the way gunner, if you could link me to the thread that helped you so much that would be brilliant
This is the thread... You will have to do some good looking in here, because some songs are harder than others. These are only suggestions. What you should do is maybe when you search for a song, search for the chords version so you can learn the chords. I think you will learn alot quicker this way because you will actually want to play songs that you like.

thanks alot for that mate.

Oh yea...just wondering, can anyone name me some easy songs i can start off learning so i dont end up doing hard songs first lol. i dont mind who, and what song, just as long as it is easy enough and i could play it on the acoustic guitar
Howie Day- Collide
Hootie and the Blowfish- Let Her Cry
Oasis- Wonderwall

they are easy chords, you have to listen to the song and get the strumming right.
ok, cheers for that, once i get used to strumming and picking, i'll look at them 3 songs and see how it goes. Although at the minute, its all abit abit confusing to me with all the words iv never heard of lol
i started with learning one of the easiest chord sequences G to Em to C to D, a great and easy song using it is Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. You should also begin with learning some basic strumming patterns.
Quote by Kollarism
Howie Day- Collide
Hootie and the Blowfish- Let Her Cry
Oasis- Wonderwall

they are easy chords, you have to listen to the song and get the strumming right.

Man that's a lot harder than what I started with.

I started with a song called Horse with no name

It's real simple, it takes you thru just some very basic chords and strumming patterns. Start with songs like this and move onto what Kollarism listed.

And there are a TON of reference and lessons sites. I doubt you'll need a book. Everything in books are probably already covered in this site. Just look around the lessons on this site and on the internet. I'll see if I can find some really useful ones I used...

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yeah i probably wouldn't even waste any money on buying a book. there is a million times more information at your disposal on this site and the rest of the net than you can find in any book. horse with no name is definitely a good beginner song, but i don't think those other three songs were too hard for a beginner either. wonderwall was the first song i ever learned myself. some other good and easy ones are:

tom petty - free falling
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
old crow medicin show - wagon wheel
james blount - you're beautiful
sensefield - save yourself
blues traveler - run around (this one may be a little fast for you yet, but it's open chords)
well thanks alot, thats such a great help from all of you, i really appreciate all your reply's (keep them coming lol )

can't wait to get to know the basics and learn more, i think i really have the willpower to do something special

thanks again
^--- which is why i wouldn't reccomend getting a book. there's not anything in any book that somebody around here won't be able to help you with.