It's the black bar on the pickgaurd. I've never owned a bass with one of those. It would make sense to me if it was on the other side (a thumbrest) but here, I don't know.
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i dont know i have had the same trouble trying to find out what they are
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I've heard that they're finger rest, to make plucking with your thumb easier. I personally don't see how usefull it would be, and I'm not sure if that's correct, but I've heard that somewhere.
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it is a thumbrest. for when people played with their thumbs
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Shouldn't it be on the other side? It's a right handed bass.
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it is a thumbrest. for when people played with their thumbs

Correct. I don't mean like slap, I mean when thumbs were used like picks for a rounder tone with very very vintage fender basses basically. lol. They gave a thumbrest. "Shouldn't it be on the other side?"

well I don't think it'd be much of a rest if you were using it to help you play. It's there for when you're not playing for a long long time. You know... the 50s or 60s or something. lol

Honestly, they began to move it to the other side and it made more sense there, but it started out on that side. When Ampeg made basses they always put it on the 'weird' far side.
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Err, in terms of a 'thumb rest' I thought it was to anchor your fingers on so you had more of a lever on your hand.

EDIT: Literally 'resting' your thumb on a little piece of black plastic like it were a bed is the most stupid thing I can imagine.
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im not a bass player,what is the thing that goes around the strings for?
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