i'm a new guitarist, about 6 months so far. i try to get in an hour of practice a night, but that doesn't always happen. anyways, i've hit a bit of a rut in my skills. i just bought a book of scales and modes, and am going to start working on that stuff now. i also have been practicing songs as well. My goal is to be playing metal style of guitar eventually. so what do you think--- how much of that 1 hr a night should be dedicated to scales, and how much should be dedicated to "fun stuff" like practicing songs etc?
about 45 minutes to an hour on scales and modes, one hour on finger excercises and then one hour on songs that will stretch your ability then 45 minutes on fun stuff
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Instead of practising the same thing every day, mix it up.

For example, lets say on Monday you practise scales for an hour and then on Tuesday you focus on your picking, Wednesday your tapping, and so on. This way you're changing it and so not getting bored as well as covering most aspects of your playing.

The thing to remember is, as necessary as practising is it's also important that you enjoy what you're doing, otherwise you'll get bored and lose interest in it, so practise but mix it up and good luck.
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Maybe about half scales and half other things like songs and stuff. Then after a while you can incorporate your scales into other songs and do em both at once!
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It is very important that you practise scales, and lots of different ones so check up on modes. This is because it will allow your fingers to become accustomed to playing complex patterns, and you will become faster and stronger. As stated before, mix them up and do different sequences on different days-rather this than simply doing different ones on different days because you will practise more every day.

Then, once you feel that you can play reasonably well and you have a basic understanding on theory, then improvise or even compose. By then, only you can help yourself.

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Half in half would be good too. I was wondering the same thing and I've started to play scales while I watch a TV show, scales and figner exercises. I need to concentrate when I learn new scales so once I've got then I do it in front of the TV because I don't have to concentrate as hard... helps with speed and muscle memory at least.

Like was said, do what's fun too, if I have to force myself to much then I start to resent the guitar and don't play ANYTHING on it... that's not good. Keep it fun, if you're not going to go hungry because you don't practice for a day or two then don't sweat it.
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usally you have that X time a day.. where you practice things music theory and thechnique
and play songs and other things like that.... not on that time.