hey, does anyone know any good books on scales and scales theory and stuff?
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The guitar Grimore on scales and prgressions great books
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The Grimoire books are great general reference books, but not good instruction books. I would recommend "The New Complete Guitarist" if you're a complete theory n00b. It goes through scales, chord construction, modes, all that happy crap.
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this belongs in Musician Talk.

btw, hang there if you want to gradually learn theory too, when a higher up like one of the mods, or Corwinoid or Spaivxx start giving people answers to their theory questions, they can explain it just as well if not better than a book, and for that you should really atleast skim the threads there.

besides a few articles on theory, thats what ive been doing for the past 3-6 months and im by far the most theory "smart" in my grade at my school, and my band members constantly ask me questions. its not that much effort and most of that stuff is an interesting read.