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Scratch Plate
8 24%
Pick Guard
13 39%
2 6%
Who cares
10 30%
Voters: 33.
Hi all,

I was wondering how many people call what what. I personally call them scratch plates, mainly because it makes sense and pick guard doesnt, i was first intoduced to them as scrath plate so thats what i call 'em.

Anyway vote
Pick guard makes sense. It guards the finish from your pick. *shrugs* I call it a pick guard.
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i call them a pick guard, but who the fuck really cares?
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I call them plektrum skydd, thats pick protection, pick guard ^^
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i call it a scratch plate aswell
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pick guard
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I call them pickguards. That makes much more sense than scratch plates. They are there to guard the body from the pick. That is their job. You don't intentionally try to scratch them... thats what job scratch plate conveys to me anyways.