Hi guys i have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard and im customizing alot now.........i just purchased my Gibson 57' Classic Plus for the Bridge hehehe and now im lookin for a good neck pickup with a nice deep tone for blues and so on........and suggestions???? THANK YOU!!!
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Ah, ok. I have the same affliction. My first recommendation, get a new speaker. Second, my experience is that blues is all in the fingers. Actually, to me it sounds better playing blues with a hotter pickup, just bringing down the gain a bit. That way, your tone is a lot more pick responsive. Hell, I like playing blues on my modded H-H-H Strat with 3 high output pickups as much as I like playing it on my PRS SE Soapbar II. Which is another option -- a P94. Single coil soapbar pickups give you blues tones to die for.
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Well, it's not the P-94 in particular I'm a fan of, I'm just a fan of single coils in general. I prefer actual P-90s, but I'm assuming he doesn't want to route his guitar for a new pickup. And Rio Grande makes some awesome soapbars, as well.
Hi, I'm Peter