I have a Samick AV3

The neck pick up is about twice as close to the strings as the bridge pickup. Both sound fine to me, but I'm a noob so what do I know. Is this common in the LP style guitars?
yeh its the same on my Epi LP custom, i think it means thers more effect from adjusting the volume on the guitar for that pick up, but not entirely sure
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The bridge pickup should be closer than the neck pickup for volume balance purposes. The string oscillation has greater amplitude at the neck than it does at the bridge, meaning there is more movement through the magnetic field of the pickup, producing more volume.
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It's mainly preference. Adjust them to how they sound good to you. My pickups on my WI14 are low and slanted down on the bass side. I like a more trebley sound, so I adjusted them that way.

I agree with Dirk as well. The bridge pup should be a little closer for balanced volume.
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