i saw a Vox AC30 in the buy and sell (Irish) for 3000 euro, im not buying it, but just want to know, is it worth that for a 30 watt combo! or is it something special, it said collectable but is it really !
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Vox's are great amps
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It's worth it, and yes, it's a collectable. It's got to be a vintage AC30, and in ten years it will be worth twice that.
Vintage AC30=ear secks
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Personally if you are looking for vintage stuff I would go with finding a vintage guitar rather then a vintage amp. The last amp I had was quite old (maybe not collectable though) and it was fairly worn out and almost resulted in a flambe. I would have had to replace a fair bit including the speakers on the amp to get it up and running. Have you had a look at new Vox AC30's ? They are cheaper and more versatile (possibly even better made despite being made in China?). I cannot comment if they sound better because I have not heard a vintage AC30.