OK im am currently selling a bunch of my gear to get a old 80s marshall.

Now i have been looking at a few different heads.

Such as

The Marshall JCM 800 2203

The Marshall 1959SLX

The Marshall Jubilee 2225

The Marshall 79 JMP 2203

IM pretty sure they are all master volume amps. Im pretty sure they are all 100w. I know none of them have effects loops which is cool. I have played the JCM 800 2203 '83 and loved the tone just what im looking for very versatile great tone. I was wondering how the other amps sound compared to it if there is something possibly better. Im gonna use it for moderatly hi gain Metal im gonna use a overdrive with it but i also play some classic stuff and some blues oriented hardrock stuff.

and i know it has one channel im pairing it with a Roland JC120 2x12 for cleans so this is just for the dirty side of the amp if the cleans arent good it doesnt matter as i wont be using it for cleans.

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personally i'd choose either the JCM800 or the Jubilee, purely because when i played an 800 (with attenuator) it still gave a gorgeous tone, and the jubilee is loosely based on the same schematics
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ya guys i know but i was hoping for a little reasoning behind your selections thx

and to Hmmmm dee hum

ya but the JMP 79 is an early version of the 2203 and im guessing it sounds most like it.

I have heard though that the jubilee has a input gain knob and can bring more gain to a lead tone
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the jubilee is the most versatile. but they can be extremely expensive. So go with the JCM 800.
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no i saw a Jubilee 2555 the kind slash uses not his sig though on eBay for like 1200
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So nobody has any ideas or opinions about the amps
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JMP 2203's and early JCM800 2203's are the same exact amp, just a different cabinet.
The 2203's are basically "hot-rodded" 1959's
Jubilee's have the most gain out of these amps
the 2203's have the most balls
they all have great tone so that cancels that out

Since you want high overdriven gain I think the Jubilee might be best for you. You can overdrive it further for really saturated distortion or dial it back for some classic rock tones. The Jubilee is more like the 2210/2205 JCM800's or JCM900 DR's. IMO the diode clipping really suits the Jubilee very well and gives it a nice tight crunch

Unfortunatly they quite rare and expensive. you may also want to look into an early JCM900 (especially a dual reverb), they sound really good as well
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So my best Bet seems to be the Jcm 800 2203 which is what i figured. Im gonna A/B/Y it with a Roland JC 120 for cleans.

then use a OD pedal to get a tad bit more gain to it. its gonna be amazing what do you guys think of this set up
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