First off, I posted these my first day here, but they got deleted because I spammed the forum with a bunch of my recordings. A new week, they are back.....

I am new here. If you guys like the sound of a major scale with a sharpened fourth like I do, then these two improvisations may appeal to you, if you can get past my slop playing that is

Another guitar site a few months back did a Lydian Jam. The guy who proposed the isea posted a backing track tha was just a C vamp. He asked that the participants to post solos utilizing the Lydian mode. They are both short tracks (approx 2 min each).

Here are my takes. The first one sounds like a bit of a Satch rip off. It was not intended that way, but after posting it one of the other board members pointed out which song it reminded him of and, well, he was right..... You know how when you are improvising and you get struck with that super cool idea and you are grooving on it and it sounds great, then later someone bursts yourbubble and announces that you in fact did not invent the idea, well, that happened here..... Here it is.....


The second was simply something to post to make up for unintentionally ripping off my first one.... I actually like the second one better anyway and my prog trio is working out a full band version of it (extended in a progish way).


These were the first two things I did with the TLSE. I made a quick patch for the first, for the second I modified it a bit so that I could use the wah. Unfortunately, on the second I got playing and forgot to make use of the wah..... On the second track especially you will hear some sloppy noises like my pickup switch being moved, etc.... It's all part of the moment being captured

Like everything I have posted thusfar, these were very quick and sloppy improvisations, but I keep the first takes on all of my net jams in order to preserve the moment, which is more important than working out the perfect solo to me. Thanx for listening.

I do return the favor of listening and commenting......
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listened to the first one:

tbh i expected better phrasing from someone as intelligent as you

a bit boring/bland too. for the most part nice technique tho
Sup Spaivxx?

I just listened the first one and man.... you have some talent! I've been playing over 16 yrs and don't know any of my modes by name. I'm not disciplined enough, I guess. I just play by ear and was self taught.

You have some killer effects on the recording. Like I said before, you have a very good knowledge of the fretboard. I honestly can't give any crit because it sounds awesome as is... I wouldn't change a thing. Maybe play around and throw a few low volume power cords in that have some melody... but it sounds great.

Crit 4 Crit- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=379302

Like I said, I don't know the names of stuff I play, could you listen to my lead in this piece and identify what I am doing? It's only 51 seconds long.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm gonna listen to your 2nd piece now.