So i want a new amp, somethign that i can get louder, i was looking at
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Hughes--Kettner-Edition-Blu-60-Combo-Amp?sku=480423 Hughes and Kettner Edition Blue 60
I play hard rock-metal some nu metal stuff to, i have no idea about any of these amps, obviously my guitar center doesnt cary them
I was looking at the cube 60, but its more expensive and i dont have a lot of cash to burn on this, maybe 350 at the most, AT THE MOST
The thing that i liked about the Ashdown is that i could connect it to an external speaker, it has a speaker out
the Hughes and kettner only has a line out, so i dont think i could do that
Any help or thoughts are appreciated
Neither of those seem like they'd be metal amps.

Heh, the Roland Cube 60 is $345, that would be more suited for metal, or maybe the VOX AD30VT (or 50 if you can scrounge around for $10).
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^^ Yes i really dont want it anymore
I want something else. How is the Hughes and Kettner for hard rock or just rock, because i dont really play "metal" I ruled out the Ashdown basically because no 1 has played it, and its new... sooo, hughes and kettner or the cube i suppose.
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