ok so in the near future this week im going to Guitar Center to get a new amp i'll have roughly 800 dollars...i liek to play metal and harder rock like metallica to bleeding through... i want to know if i hooked up a tubescreamer to the deville if i could possibly get a decent metal sound out of it and be able to gig with it reliably....your opinion is greatly appreciated
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A tubescreamer might not be ideal as a metal distortion, try something more like a Boss SD-1 or a Visual Sounds Jekyll+Hyde.

Ampwise, why not look at a Peavey XXX?
No, Hot Rod and TS-9 will not get you close to a metal sound, just vintage overdrive. I would look into maybe a VOX AD100VT ($550) or Line 6 Flextone III XL ($700). For guitar center one of those will probably be your best bang for your buck.

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