Yes, it's worth it.

Yes, electric guitars need sustain too, but it's not a massive difference between the pre-2006 models and the modern ones.
yeah they seem pretty good, although dont worry about sustain cos people dont buy strats for sustain, one reason being its not there strong point (being made of alder and being thin bodied etc).
and of course sustain matters with an electric.
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yeah...strats are awesome:p So fukin versatile (speciialy a fatty). you should love it man. xxx
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^Yeah, sustain is how long the notes stay after you hit 'em. And yeah, a distorted am can sustain longer than an unplugged electric. But that's just because the amp picks up and amlifies frequencies that we normally can't hear. If the guitar stops vibrating altogether, the note stops, regardless of how much gain you use.