Ok, I need a tube amp, preferably a head. I have no idea what to get, there are so many choices. I want it to be high gain and take pedals or rack effect units well. I also want good cleans, kinda like Fruciante's (sp?) clean tone. I was thinking a mesa nomad 100 head, I was also thinking a marshall jmp-1 with some kind of power amp. I have no idea what to get though, so give me some suggestions.
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I have no idea what to get though, so give me some suggestions.

a please might be nice?
whats your budget?

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a please might be nice?

i cried too you know.
my budget would be around $750 but i was mostly looking into used amps, PLEASE may I have some suggestions.
I've never played the nomad but the mesa F series is versatile. Also the Laney Tony Iommi Sig Amp has absurd amounts of gain and I heard the cleans are still good. I'm sure with some tweaking you can get RHCP sound. You could always consider getting a combo amp you like and buying an extension cabinet. Also, Mesa Boogie makes Theile cabinets. They are 1x12 cabs with different types of speakers. If you can, get the 1x12 with the EV 200w speaker. It can handle so much bass and it sounds so good, especially matched with a black shadow custom 90 which comes with MK IV Combos.
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