Hi Guys

I usually play electric stuff mainly because i didnt have a good acoustic until today when my mum and dad (champion parents) bought me a brand new guit for trying hard at GCSE. Anyway what i would like is some advice on any great acoustic songs that sound just like the original when played plus any tips on how to play for maximum effect. I have been playing for about 7 months but I aint too bad though so any tips for songs just shoot.

Cheers for the help
Good Song: Life By The Drop, if you can manage it. No offense intended by that statement, I found it fairly difficult though.

Tip: Make each song your own in some way. Switch it up, don't play note for note. more fun that way. Good luck.
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if you're looking for songs that sound just like the original you need to look at artists that play acoustic guitars. look into some john mayer, dave matthews band, jack johnson, fleetwood mac, john butler trio, tom petty, ben harper, coldplay, etc.