Ive played acoustic for a long time, and some electric, but I am starting to paly alot of harder stuff....and my peavey isnt working very well. I wanna spend about 400......my question is what brand is the most reliable and efficient.....


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Schecter Gryphon Diamond Series if u can find one :P No problems with it at all after 2 years, pickups may wanna be changed for ur type of music but there still good. Strings can get really close to the fretboard so its easy on the fingers and u can play fast stuff with ease.
Amen to the Omen. I have a few other gutiars...they don't get much play time...
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schecter ibanez and even some of the MIM Fenders (fat strat or HH in your case)
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You can get some pretty good guitars for $400.00 or cheaper. Look for brands like Epiphone and Squier.
^ Not Squire!!! You can get a MIM for that price. Anyway, Schecter is great in that range, so are Ibanez. The heavier you go (sound wise) the more those guitars will fit (the Schecter and Ibanez, that's what they are designed for).
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