I'm looking to do some home recording and I was thinking about running a Line 6 Pod XT into my laptop with Reason 3.0. I've started writing again and I need a set up that will allow me to record guitar and vocals as well as adding in all the stuff I don't play so well (drums, keys, bass, etc.)

Does anyone use this setup? Do you think it would fit my needs?
ive tried it before, it works quite well. i didnt go through reason though. But i mainly used the pod XT to do recordings. Whta great about the pOD is that you can hook up pretty much anything to it, a bass, and even a vocal mic. It can do decent demo recordings with it, instead of putting on amp/cab modelling, use the tube pre-amp setting, and it will add a kick to vocals and bass. It wont be the greatest thing ever, but i think its a great starting point for some good demos. Good luck.

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