There was a thread on him, but it seems to have dissapeared.

He composes all the music for the Final Fantasy series, among other games for Squaresoft. My personal favourite works are One Winged Angel, The Great North Cave, Aurons Theme and Otherworld.

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yeah, awesome music. i learned to zanarkand on the piano, aswell as the balamb garden theme.
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he's awesome. havent heard a song by him that i didnt enjoy, and it suits the games so well too. what a legend.

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Harry Gregson-Williams FTW!

I've never tried the Final Fantasy games (Any of them)...

Guess I should...
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I love everything he has done for the FF games and Chrono Trigger- the songs sound amazing especially on piano.
I couldn't choose a favorite song, but the ones im trying to transcribe for guitar at the moment, and also the one I have been listening to alot at the moment is 'Besaid Island' (piano version).
That whole song is magic.

'Mambo de chocobo' is teh pwn and fun to play also
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Never played any FF songs, but yeah, his soundtracks FTW. Moving away from the MIDI sound would be beneficial though.
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Most if not all of the FF OSTs are also released as piano arrangements which sound much nicer than the Midi sound on the games.

Wasn't X & X-2 non-midi anyway?
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Elvis Presley aint got no soul, Chuck Berry is rock and roll.

I have nothing but love for this guy's music. Just recently began learning some of the FFVII songs on keyboard. I think that game has the best music, but I think that game is easily the best ever made so I might be biased. I pretty much compare everything to that game, which is really annoying because it means I can't get excited about the other titles as much.

My favourite is most likely one of these, but I've probably forgotten one:
Cid's Theme
Ahead On Our Way
To Zanarkand

Oh, and I love the AC versions of some of the VII tracks, particularly the Jenova theme.
Major bump here, but whatever.

I just want to say that the full orchestral arrangement of 'To Zanarkand' is probably my favourite piece of music that I've ever heard.