I'd like the strings on my axl strat copy to be tighter than they are atm. I'm not guitar expert and i'm not sure on how to do this. Any help? Its got what i think is an adjustable bridge but i'm not totally sure how to do it. any help?
is the bridge flush? is it in tune at the 12th fret? and what gauge strings are on there now?

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AFAIK, there is no bridge which can change string tension (noticeably).
You should buy heavier strings for higher tension; or tune higher.
Well if its in standard tuning and they are still to loose, move up in string gauge. D'addario .10-52 are great for that, or maybe even .12-52's, but those hurt your fingers.
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It's all about tunings. I play 10-52 for standard, and I go right down to custom 15-70 gauge for drop A.