Life, love, and fortune at face value
Shining the limelight into my eyes
Illiberal mind befuddled by a sated hermit
Illusions eliciting a change

Abstruseness, anonymity, and interrogating
Relighting the limelight into my eyes
Communication must be a mirror
But you need to cleanse your eyes and savor your mouth with some smoke
Enclosed by a full circle of reflection
Does it matter which one is the echt character?

Toiling to enslave
Your stimulus a pellucid confinement
A novice to desire

Project when I'm going to burn your eyes
Project when I'm going to contuse your tongue
Project when my psyche will collapse
Project when I'm going to about-face
Project and then traject

I see you've got a swelled head
I see your jactitation has given you supernal powers
We should just crown you the overlordship
Because you've got the humility to communicate
Because you've made your threshold of discomfort elastic
I guess you made failure my kryptonite
I guess thats why I'm only a doughty being in darkness

I'm just a human...I'm just a human being (5x)

Tieing me down
Inducing your vibration
Of life, love, and fortune