Ok so my band is starting to get serious and we all decided that were going to need some ne wgear soon.

So I need some advice on gear, mainly amps, effects, and maybe a guitar.

Oh and just for you guys right now, This is my current set up

Godin freeway classic with jb/jazz (and sanded neck)
warmoth mahogany lp with strat neck s-s-h set up (mij strat sc and tone zone)
squier strat with a new electrics set up, and a fender neck
Dean tradition s acoustic (piezo system isntalled)
crate gx30m
a self modded ds-1 almost identical to a keely ultra
a boss ge-7

Alright so i'm looking onto a high gain amp to cover soem of the stuff I play outside of the band. But the band plays a lot of 80s metal and classic rock as well as some newer underground indie. So I'm going to need an amp that will pretty much cover everything.

I've been looking into a peavey ultra plus, as well as an engl fireball/screamer, and a genz benz el diablo 60.
I'll be playing rhythm so I need a good thump in the bass for powerchords, and I'll also have a bit of leads so I need something that'll pop out and have a good lead tone as well. I'm looking for good cleans but ok cleans are alright I can make it better with a chorus and reverb. But the most important thing I need from the amp is a nice dark amp with good highs.

This is where I plan on cleaning up my cleans since most high gain amps never seem to have good cleans. I'm thinking of maybe an analog chorus, a holy grail reverb, and a maxon od9 screamer for leads.

any other recommendations are welcome here

I don't think I need much help here. I havea godin with a jb/sc/jazz set up and I'm pretty happy with it. And I'll have a fully set up lpocaster soon so I'll have my sc sounds soon as well. But one thing I feel liek I'm missing is a pure heavy metal guitar, so I'm thinking of maybe soemthing like a jackson or Ibanez with a ofr (or decent lfr) and some high output pups.

Yeah so all recommendatison are welcome, and When I get my gear I'll post it up here and tell yo uguys how I like it!
An amp that covers everything is the Mesa Mk IV. Other amps you might want to check out are Engl Powerball, Peavey 5150/6505, and maybe something from Hughes and Kettner or Marshall.

The maxon od9 is a beastly pedal. I've never played with a reverb or chorus pedal tho so I can't anything about the 2 you listed.

About the metal guitar. OFR is much much better than LFR. But, I think Ibanez's Edge Pro is also great. You could look at the RG 1570 by Ibanez. You might want to change the pickups but thats about it.
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For the amp maybe a Marshall TSL. And for a guitar, since I'm not exactly sure how much you want to spend, look into the LTD 400 series or higher.
I'm thinkig abotu 1200 max for hte amp, that's why I didnt' list the powerball, but genocide said the fireball basically hte smae thing with less features.

And for a guitar probably 700 max

As for pedals I dont' have a price range.
Quote by kanamvar32
An amp that covers everything is the Mesa Mk IV..

+1 I own a Mark IV combo (have for years...) and they are awesome, versatile amps cna do anything from country to metal...well!
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