hey dudes, does anyone have any suggestions for an overdrive pedal (preferably more geared towards metal, if its possible) to push my dsl into uber metal territory?
try an ibanez tubescreamer, they usually go well infront of dsl's
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^ yeah, ive heard about maxon ALOT with the marshalls. sposed to be good for high gain! any other suggestions? boutique od's maybe?
the maxon and the tubescreamer are pretty much the same but i think the maxon is better now. back in the day ibanez issued maxon to produce all of its 808s. later, after ibanez stopped production on the 808s, maxon started putting out its own version. since they manufactured the real thing, they knew all about the circuitry and whatnot. so maxons are basically the same thing but with some upgrades and a little cheaper i believe. both are really good overdrive pedals.
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^ okies, cheers dude. much appreciated. i'll see if i can try one out tomorrow. my dsl just cant get heavy enough atm if all else fails i plan on buying a fireball!
Maxon OD9. Is only missing a tiny thing from the 808, which is the no gain tone (pure clean boost) But.. you dont look like the cleanboost sort.. Maxon OD9