Ok, i have a small dilemma.
I want to get a better new acoustic some time but am puzzled by the question in the title. For starters, i want a hearty, traditional and mellow sounding acoustic but i am also getting a toneport UX1 soon and if i got an electro-acoustic i would not need to buy a mic.
Are there any fantastic (and very low priced) electro-acoustics out there that will sound great unplugged too; i would only plug it in to record. I have seen this Takamine http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Takamine---EG260C~ID~4540.asp but am not sure how it sounds.
Maybe i should just buy a normal acoustic and buy a mic, i don't know.

Do any of you have suggestions on this topic?
i wouldn't reccomend that tak, or any other tak with the NEX body style, if you are wanting to get a really good unplugged sound. those guitars do sound great plugged in but they lack fullness unplugged. i would reccomend the brand takamine, just not the NEX body type. look at other models that are either dreadnought or jumbo sized and you'll find MUCH better tone. also, it'd help us alot in helping you if you could give us a price range.
Hey I've got that guitar...it's a cracking guitar...but like ^he^ said its not brilliant unplugged, its okay if you're more likely to play it through an amp but otherwise I wouldn't go for it...but its probably better to go out and try acoustics as you're opinion of the sound may differ from someone else's
For your purposes, id get a Yamaha Dreadnought body style guitar. They are a great bang for your buck, or get an Ovation if you have a little more $ and dont mind their ridiculous shape.
what the above guy said, you need to go try out different brands of guitars. i had the same dillema and in the end i spent 300 quid on an ovation celebrity electro acoustic an i love it to pieces. I set it up with some Elixer Nanowebs and the sound is brilliant. Its all about what shape, feeling and sound you require from an acoustic. If you state a price then some people can point you in the right direction. If i was buyin a new acoustic i would look out for : Ovation, Takamine, Gibson, Martin and Co, Simon And Patrick.
Well i'm far from rich so something of the best quality for under 300 quid. Thanks for the advice so far. Do you think i should abandon the idea of electro-acoustic altogether?
300 quid is around 550 US dollars i believe... if so, i wouldn't abondon the idea of getting an acoustic-electric. for around 500-600 USD you can get some really decent acoustic-electrics. the best one i've found in that price range so far is the takamine eg530ssc. it has a solid top and solid back. sounds great plugged in and unplugged. i got mine for $549 i think. here's some pictures of it: