Take a photo to keep in the hold
Cos all the water that pours will drive out the holes
I'll pretend for a day that I just forgot
So in the night I can find somewhere to hide in your heart

And i'll be searching but if it's
Just too hard I'll wait till sunlight
Blinds my sores
What I can't see I'll just never believe
But I'll drown my trust
In my hope
Hope all your days just run me by again

All my wary eyes just hunt for impressions
You make on my heart that marks your way
I'm just hoping to make a fullproof deal
We can meet at the lights that kill the day

And every worn-out hour that beats right by
I'll hope that light that you want, will dim right out
And we can run away and find a moon
To brighten our days
I just hope to but the tide just drags me away

Maybe a photo would just be right
To fit the frame on the oil that relieves the night
And the rain may come crashing and destroy my house
But I still have nothing and that's still what i've got

All the days will just drag on by
For too long, they'll leave a stain behind
A strenous mist that will cloud our minds
Burn down the dreams we had into debt or crime

But I ask if I can just wait again
I'll note this memory so pure and so cold
Hope the warmth will lead me back
Into those days that I just found out
Again, alone

I'll wait at these roads that cross out wide
To many journies I didnt want to find
But if I find a path so wide, so kind
I'll just pray for a day you just decide to try

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