Hey all,
first of all sorry if this is kinda in the wrong part of the forum, but i couldnt really think where else to put it, mkay here goes:

I'm 16 and have been playing around 4 years or something like that, and have taken RGT grade 5 examination and passed, currently learning grade 6 sorta stuff, and i need some money and my teacher said about teaching myself. So i thought this could be a good idea seeing as I play guitar practically all the time anyway.

So i was wondering if any of you have any suggestions about it? such as pay rates etc? i know in my area (kent, england) its around £20 for an hour lesson. Also where to advertise? maybe in local primary schools etc? and any other stuff you think i should know would be good.

I feel i should be able to teach pretty well and be able to make lessons pretty fun and stuff for the kids and all that, and the summer holidays are coming up so it's prob a good time to start i guess.

Thanks for any help given :]
Try going to school and getting finishing 10th grade stuff where you should be dont worry about guitar lessons now.
Edit: Unless im mistaken about the levels in your system. inwhich case, advertise in music stores and stuff.
theres grades 1 through to 8 and then a diploma,
i've got my last GCSE examination tomorrow and then i've "finished" school, but I am going to sixth form next year to take music and music technology for A level. but thats not even till september
Yeh i had a similar question really i mean i'm self taught but i could in theory pass my grade 8 rock school exam as i know all the scales/modes chords etc for it, so i reckon i could teach but don't know how to go about it and also would it matter if i have no qualifications? As in do i actually need a certificate showing i can play rock school grade 8 standard?
i got told rock school was kinda like classical piano exams in that you just kinda learn pieces for the main part of your exam? wheras RGT has sections like rhythm, sight reading, theory, aural, lead improvisation etc?
I dont think you really need the qualifications, Joe satriani was teaching as he was learning too, if you've ever watched "the satch tapes" you'll know what im talking about, he would learn something one week and the next week be teaching it to his students at one point. But i think as long as you can prove that you can play proficiently then there's no reason why you shouldnt teach IMO. Thing is mkay im doing grade 6 but i know all the CAGED theory stuff and all the modes and harmonic minor modes etc that you dont need to know at this grade, but it makes it all a LOT easier in the long run as i just know all of it now and can apply it sooner rather than later if you get me haha...
Yeh it's certainly not as hard as RGT but it still requires you to know scales and chords. My friend has taken the exam and he had to learn 3 pieces one of which was Lennie by Stevie Ray Vaughn and those 3 are equal to 60% of the marks i think or something. But the other 40% is made up of scales and chords and then a listening test i think.
i've done grade 8 rockschool and am currently working towards my RGT teaching diploma, just stick things like that on the advert and it draws more people in if you have got credentals
I advertised on the all the bulletin boards I could find. Not sure how it is where you are but there are tons in grocery stores, libraries, parks, post offices, waiting rooms. you could also do door-to-door mailings but that's pretty labor intensive...

I said if people can learn from you can you can teach then go for it, you'll hear pretty quick if you're not a good teacher or shouldn't be doing it

I don't think you have to finish and get all your cert stuff before you teach, if you can help someone learn guitar, even beginner, and they go away knowing something they didn't before then do it! I had only been playing for 3 years before I started to teach beginner guitar, all I needed to teach was a little theory, chords, even reading notes... they were thrilled!
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