I liked it, vocals clearly need to be twice as loud
Guitar just seems way too loud, even drowning the drums out. The chorus is a lil flat but still this is good, i liked it
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alrighty cool guys thanks,

i'll go back and fix the vocal level.

once i get my microphone back, i'll add some more stuff, this is more of a first draft, considering it's only acoustic guitar, vocals, and an electronic drum loop

and the way to hate i'll get to yours in a second.
Quote by jolson27
haha thanks guys. i'm only 13 so take that into consideration

i think i will try today.

i try disarm and my voice just dosent fit it at all for some reason

but thanks,



i'll go back and try to make the vocals louder

OMFG! 13? Amazing! Your voice is deep for a 13 year old
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Pretty good. You should work on your breathing technique a little bit for vocals, but your pitch was good (except when you had to jump around). A lot better than a lot of covers I've heard on here.
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One of my favorite songs. Your voice is probably deeper than mine and im 15 hahahhahahaha i feel like im pubertyless now.
wow dude that was pretty good. Try to strengthen your voice for songs like these. But yeah great.
great work on the rave reviews again Joe! lol

It still baffles me how you can get like ten posts and I can get one that reads

"man the chords you're using are wrong. You arent supposed to hit all of the strings, it sounds bad. You need to solo over the chorus chords, not over the verse, or it is out of key. Lead guitar too loud, drowns out acustic.

Timing seems a bit slow in some places, needs work tbh, but a good start."

P.S. and btw for everyone else, I'm the guy he's talking to in the begginning of the recording