i recently acquired a fender MiM strat which was originaly with 0.9 strings and i would like to change them for 0.10 ones, what does it take to do it? do i need to ask some1 to do me a setup so i can change to 0.10?
nope, just put ,em on. they'll be more rigid / less easy to bend but if they sound good its worth it. i did the same with mine, went from .09 d'addarios to .1 gibsons and the gibsons sound much better. it's a sacrifice for playability, but it's worth it.
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but yeah its fine
it doesn't take a lot to change to 10s. it would be better if you took it to a shop and asked them to change to the new string gauge. they might have to file down the nut a little but and then adjust the action but it won't be very expensive for you. you can probably do this yourself but it would be better to get a pro setup since you just recently acquired your strat.
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hey guys,
i have a stagg LC500 and i get buzz on e string 16th fret and i just wanted to know if les pauls generely have high action