i could just be writing this b/c i'm bored and cant play guitar, but if y'all didnt have a fretting hand for 3 months, how would go about continuing to improve musically?

i know a good few, this being the second time i've had this 3 month injury. right hand picking, which i'm getting very! good at, music theory (which I plan to continue), a computer music software class to improve recording and midi stuff...any others y'all can think of. i dont want to lose 3 months just due to a torn ligament.

Yeah, work on your alternate picking and fingerpicking techniques. You seem to be doing that, so I don't really know what else to suggest.

Leanring theory is another great idea and it is good that you're utilising your time well. I learnt music theory theory for 2 weeks whislt I was waiting for my guitar to come, it really helped. Knowing the basics helps you jump in and out of theory easily.
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