im in the market for a distortion and chorus pedal to run though my Roland micro cube so i dont have to stop playing for changes

for the distortion i have heard a few and have chosen the "Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal"

now im looking for a chorus pedal, whats a good one?

I was looking at the "Boss CH-1 SUPER Chorus Pedal"

its a little high in price for my liking but im sure these will last for a long time.

also, do these come with AC addapter plugs or must you get the 5 cable end and one power pack?

(items 151370 and 151322)

It's a good pick because with one amp it simulates a chorus sound pretty well but plug in two amps and it does a true chorus effect. There's a good discussion of chorus at the bottom of this page
do the boss mt2 metal zone instead of the ds1 its much more verisitile
for chorus i would probably do the ch1

*no they dont come with ac adapters... it would be nice if they did... they are like 20 bucks..