could someone give me some blues guitar help please? im looking for tips, tricks, licks, riffs, and exercises or anything else that you would want to give that would help me. thanks a lot!
Used prebends, unision chords, bending chords, bending a string playing another note then letting the bend down, hammer ons and pull ofs within the scale, bending to the whole step, just improvise, hope it helps
1.try to stay pentatonic,I use a forward box position at the higher strings for more notes.
2.go out and rent the dvd called "lightning in a bottle"and watch with undivided attention
i'd recommend the movie "Crossroads" (not britney spears's.... lol)
remember that blues is 1st 4th and 5th... so try and stay on these notes.
learn songs of famouse blues players, and use phrases they use..
BB King has a video out there somewhere, I think it may even be on youtube. He breaks down his own style, which by itself is a bit unconventional, but he also discusses some fundamnetals too, i found it very helpful
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Check out some Stevie Ray Vaughan , he should give you some ideas.
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I suggest listening to a lot of Eric Clapton. There are a variety of riffs that are commonly used in the blues that heavily involve bends and slides. Some tips I have for you include:

-Bend one string to a certain note, then play that same note on the higher string while releasing the bend.
-Slide up or down to the note your going to play for a nice effect.
-Use the blues scale and don't become to attached to the pentatonic scale.
-The blues involves the usage of 7 chords such as G7 and D7. A 12 bar uses the I, IV, V chords. Lets say were in the key of E, the chords would then be E, A7, B7.

Here is a site about 12 Bar Blues you may want to check out: http://www.petethomas.co.uk/12-bar-blues-chords.html